Minecraft LAN Not Working?

Having issues while playing Minecraft on the local network? Well, it’s really frustrating. But you don’t have to worry at all. Here is a complete tech guide on how to troubleshoot Minecraft LAN not working issue. Go through¬†the below article and learn what prevents Minecraft from working. Know the origin of this issue and try to remove it.

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting techniques know what are the common problems you may face.

  • Minecraft LAN not working mac
  • Minecraft LAN not working windows
  • The Minecraft LAN not working connection timed out
  • Minecraft LAN not showing up
  • Minecraft LAN Connection Refused

Why Minecraft LAN Not Working?- Troubleshooting Tips

Minecraft LAN Not Working?

Minecraft LAN is becoming popular day by day among the kids. With huge numbers of features, Minecraft LAN is also facing errors and glitches like other games. And I am here to help you in troubleshooting your favorite one. With this purpose in mind, I have crafted this article. All the troubleshooting techniques are given here. Go through and set up your Minecraft game with the local area network.

Internet Issues

Internet issue is the biggest problem behind this Minecraft LAN not working. Check your internet connection beforehand. If it’s not ok then fix it and resolve the one. And if it’s ok then check for other troubleshooting steps.

Java Is Blocked By Firewall

Maybe you don’t have any idea what is going on with the Windows firewall behind the scenes. Minecraft is a Java file executed by the Java programs only. Hence, whenever you will try to open the Minecraft LAN, a prompt will pop-up to ask permission for running the Javascript. If the Java is blocked by the Firewall then this issue may arise.

Java Is Blocked By Firewall

Different Networks Issue

Different networks can cause this issue. If the computers are connected with different networks then it can originate the issue. Hence, connect all the computers in the same network to prevent the issue.

AP Is Isolated

If all of the computers are connected to the same network but you can’t connect, then it may be caused by the AP isolation of your router. Hence, resolving the AP isolation issue to fix the one.

Outdated Server

If your server is not up-to-date it may cause the issue. Hence, try to keep your server updated to prevent the issues.

Identical ID Issue

If another player logs in into your hosted game then the identical error will occur. As only one player can take one ID.

Missing Mods Issues

If you have added mods to your Minecraft game then all of the players should have the same mods. If someone is out of the mainstream then this issue will occur.

Graphics Card Driver Issue

If your graphics card driver is outdated then it can originate the issue. Update the driver from time to time. It will prevent the issue surely.

Anyway, all the causes behind Minecraft LAN issues are stated here. Now you need to try this troubleshooting tips. If that doesn’t work then connect with our customer support team. The efficient engineers are here to take care of all of your issues. Ask your further queries in the comment box below.

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