DirectTV Remote Not Working

Found your DirectTV Remote Not Working Properly? Here is the complete troubleshooting guide on DirectTV Remote Not Working issue to help you to identify the exact reason. Hence, go through the article to know it all and wipe out the issue.

DirectTV Remote Not Working- Common Causes

DirectTV Remote Not Working


If you are using an RC70 series remote then it will be easy to troubleshoot the disputes. As these remotes have the easiest inbuilt programming. Read further to know all the troubleshooting tips & tricks.

Visible Obstruction Issues

Make sure that there is nothing between the remote & TV. If any obstacle is there remove the one. An obstacle can block the path for remote to receive TV signals. Hence, fix this issue at first.

Functional Issue

If any issue occurred in the remote then you should change the one to get it into working mode again.

Fault In Remote’s Programming

If there is any fault in the remote’s programming then the issue may arise. In this state, you will find the remote is working properly with the equipment but not with your TV. Hence, fix the programming of your DirectTV Remote.

DirectTV Reciever’s Issue

If there is an issue in the receiver then DirectTV Remote won’t work with the receiver. This issue can cause the error. Hence, restart the device as well as the remote to resolve the issue. Sometimes a complete reset process can heal the issue also.

Remote Issue

Maybe your remote is asking for a repairing service. And that is why it is creating issues. Sometimes resetting the remote can help you. Try to perform a complete reset process and get your remote in working mode again.

Battery Exhaustion

Change the exhausted batteries to make your remote work again. The battery can cause the mentioned issue sometimes. An onboard battery tester comes with this remote. Whenever you push and hod any button you can see the light in between the ‘On’ & ‘Off’ buttons illuminate. If you see a green solid light, it means your battery is completely ok. But if you see the light is blinking that means there is an issue with the one.

Absence Of HDMI Cable

A missing HDMI cable can cause the error. Hence install an HDMI extension cable to get over the problem.

Connectivity Issue

If there is a connectivity issue between the remote and TV then you will find DirectTV Stick Not Working On TV. Hence, connect your remote with a wireless network to get over the problem.

As you know, it’s always better to take an expert’s advice instead of fixing it yourself. So, reach our team whenever you meet any technical glitch of your DirectTV remote. For further queries use the comment box below. Stay connected with us to get the latest information and fixes instantly

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