Anti-Austerity Protest in Spain Turns Violent

La verdad de los pueblos, es la historia que hacen, la historia que exigen y la historia que flota sobre un mar de injusticias”.
The true history of nations is the history they make, the history they demand and the history that floats in a sea of injustice.
– Richard Ferreiro
September 25th, 2012  Spain


 The Spanish people went to the streets in protest due to the austerity measures of deficit cutting by lowering or in some cases eliminating benefits and public services provided by the Spanish government. Austerity policies often come with an increase in taxes, with a 25% unemployment Spain cannot afford this kind of policy.

During the day of Tuesday on September 25th of this year Spanish protesters rallied and marched towards the Spanish parliament as a show of discontent. More than thousand riot police surrounded the parliament making it a heavily guarded area.
  With the Slogan “NO HAY TERGUA” (no truce) and “Occupy Congress” people yelled “get out” to all   Parliament officials and called for new elections. Out of all this, police violence incremented by the hour. Police used batons to push back some protesters at the front of the march attended by an estimated 6,000 people as tempers flared.
By night an additional 500 riot police had been deployed the peaceful protest turned violent at 7:00pm after police units started shooting rubber bullets into the crowd.



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